I, Cory Beal Want the strategic solutions 
(coaching) publishing deal!

Profit Publishing On Steroids

Creating and publishing your books is probably easier than you think, but it does require strategic thinking, planning and execution. In this course, you'll get access to specific methods for creating high value, high end content. This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high impact, proven, and designed to get solid results ... fast.

I am going to work with you to create and publish your book. You may have only a tiny seed of what to write or no seed at all, whatever the case I'm gonig to show you how to turn a seed of thought into a huge tree using a step by step system, supported by me being your accountability partner. 

Five (5) DVD Set

Cory, you'll also get a Five (5) Dvd Set Jammed Packed with more information, resources, tips and steps to publish your ebook. This is a Great compliment to your 4 Hour Startegic Solutions Sessions, accountability system and the 4 Steps to Successfully Publishing Your eBook.

Don’t Take My Word For It

Valerie Strawmier

"Best coaching I ever received came from JaWar!"

Lacretia Branch

"I had the pleasure of having a great consultation with JaWar! If you are lost on anything regarding ebook publishing or in need of more guidance or strategies, I highly recommed you seek his expertise and advise!"

Shawnda Kettles

"I had the pleasure of having a strategic planning session about my upcoming ebooks with, JaWar. He was professional, easy to speak with, and very knowledgeable. Even though I had read several (and plenty more) books on Ebook publishing, have numerous years in business and marketing, own my own business(es), I say my pride/ego/fears at the door with anticipation of it being replaced with his knowledge. I wasn't disappointed. He had fresh as well as common sense ideas for me to explore. I follow his post and take in his tidbits of knowledge on ebook publishing. I'm glad I had this session with him."

You'll also Get the 4 Steps to Successfully Publish Your eBook Even if You're Not a Writer!

  • You'll discover how to tap your creative imagination and analytical mind to decide what to write.
  • In 31 days, you'll write your first book using a proven step-by-step system.
  • You'll find time to write even with your demanding schedule. This is often realized after your first strategic solutions session.
  • Get information, resources, tips and steps on when and how to publish your ebook, paperback and audio books.
  • I will personally walk you through the process on finding proofreaders, editors and graphic designers AND HOW to use the process as a marketing tool. This is a resource that goes virtually untapped by both indie and major publishers.
  • You'll get an accountability partner with an accountability system to ensure you stay on track even with your demanding schedule. Including regular emails, weekly strategy calls and social media activity.

Cory, you will also receive How to Self Publish for Profit: Resources for Writers, Authors and Book Publishers. It will give you an over view of what's discussed during your strategy sessions.

Cory, I look forward to personally guide you on creating your ebook in 31 days and releasing it shortly thereafter.

"Think, Plan, Execute!"

Ja War